Why Avakov does not allow nationalists to disrupt Tymoshenko’s rallies

, 2019.02.11, 16:18

The election process in Ukraine is rapidly becoming radicalized.

This week there were several clashes between nationalists and the police. In two cases - at the rallies of Yulia Tymoshenko.

Yesterday, during her speech in the center of Kiev, the police detained 15 people. And the radicals who had rescued them from the precinct tried to take the ROVD by storm.

C14, the ultra-right nationalist group, which is linked to the Security Service of Ukraine and Bankova, entered the conflict with the police over Tymoshenko. This gives another reason to talk about the "special opinion" of Arsen Avakov in the election campaign.

"Country" has already said that Avakov, according to our sources, entered into negotiations with the leader of "Batkivshchyna". The essence of which boils down to the fact that the police should not allow Poroshenko’s team to rig the results of a will (since it is on Bankova that the main administrative resource is concentrated). And in return, Tymoshenko keeps his post after the election.

We have collected all the information about the scuffle at the meeting of Tymoshenko and the storming of the district department in Kiev. And what can it mean in the election scenario.

What happened at the Podol

Yesterday, February 9, Yulia Tymoshenko held a rally on Kontraktova Square. There were also activists, most of whom were C14 nationalists.

They claim to have posters "Who ordered Katya Gandzyuk?" However, the police denies this and says that other people had posters.

The activist addressed the question of the deceased after the attempt to Tymoshenko, because her party member Vladislav Manger is called involved in this case. “Batkivshchyna” yesterday excluded Mangera from her ranks and recommended him to leave her post as head of the Kherson Regional Council.

According to the nationalists, they behaved peacefully. “On the Kontraktovaya cops, a dozen C14 activists were detained and taken to the police department. There are no legitimate reasons,” wrote the head of the ultra-right group Yevgeny Karas on Facebook.

“Up to a dozen activists who came to Tymoshenko’s rally to ask about Kate Gandzyuk were shoved into a police car. They took them to the district department to check documents. The cops say they were detained because they received a call for 102 about“ suspicious people. ” provocations, "- writes on the social network a former journalist on the site, Stas Kozlyuk, who published several photos of his detention.

At the same time, the police stated that the detained young people had cold arms, gas cartridges and a pistol. And also a lot of green stuff.

“The incident happened on Kontraktovaya Ploshchad: an organized group of young people with covered faces approached here. To prevent any provocations, after talking to the representatives of the dialogue dialogue, the decision was made to bring them to the police department. they were seized knives, gas cartridges and pistols, "- said on the site department.

The police later released all the detainees. And the Kiev police chief Andrei Krishchenko said that the C14 activists were detained without reference to the Gandzyuk action - they did not have these posters.

At the same time, according to Krischenko, the Gandzyuk rally passed - “no one interfered with them, he didn’t withdraw banners, they stood to the end.”

"Maydanovskaya creature." Storm district department

After the detention of the radicals, they were sent to the nearest Podolsky district police department. But several dozen C14 nationalists came to the rescue.

Police said they tried to break down the doors to the police station and squirted gas into the cops. However, law enforcement officers repulsed the attack and detained 24 people. They seized weapons - a pistol and knives. Three police officers were injured and were sent to the hospital.

Later, all the detainees were also released, said Krishchenko.

However, three criminal cases were instituted against them - under Part 2 of Art. 345 (Threat or violence against a law enforcement officer), Part 1 of Art. 341 (Capture of state buildings) and Part 4 of Art. 296 (hooliganism).

The police also showed items seized from the “attack aircraft” marked C14.

Carp assures that there was no assault.

“The police copied the gas. I almost felt sick, I was standing right in front of them. The police did not storm. When they opened the door, I went up there and we shouted a hundred times“ return the stolen items ”.

We started to push out. None of the authorities came out and gave no explanations on the stolen things. Next came the golden eagle and all the pohchas ... who were hit by the arm, along with cops from the police department ", - said the head of C14.

"Maydanovskaya creature, you need to shoot," - so, according to Karas, said special forces.

Later, the participants in the events said that the police were also shouting "Go to bed, Bandera!". This phrase is heard on video.

After the events at the Podolsk district police department, activists went to the house of Arsen Avakov. They fired at the minister’s fence with a salute.

Later, the Prosecutor General’s Office opened a case against the police for exceeding official authority. What is characteristic, the nationalists who stormed the police department didn’t have any complaints against Lutsenko’s office, although there are victims among the cops.

Political context. What the conflict participants say

The leader of Batkivshchyna, Yulia Tymoshenko, called what happened at Kontraktova and later at the regional department a provocation of the SBU.

“President Poroshenko does not want to come to terms with the fact that at a meeting with me across the country thousands of people come. They come to hear the truth about what is happening in the country.

That is why yesterday a provocation was arranged at my meeting with the inhabitants of Belaya Tserkov.

Today (February 9 - Ed.), With the help of the SBU, the government organized a new provocation during a similar event in Kiev. ...

Already at the end of the meeting, I learned that before the rally the police had detained several people. This was used by the provocateurs with weapons as a reason to radicalize the situation in the police station.

Now our event - a meeting with the people of Kiev - is trying to artificially tie activists with law enforcement officers to a fight.

I am convinced that what is happening now is the next special operation of the SBU, organized on the direct instructions of Petro Poroshenko. And the methods used indicate that in order to preserve his power, he is ready for any criminal actions and radical steps.

I ask you to analyze the information and understand that the authorities are arranging these scandals and provocations deliberately, "- wrote YuVT to Facebook.

For its part, the leader of C14 made his political conclusions - according to him, the Interior Ministry began to openly support Tymoshenko.

"Avakov finally decided on his candidate and saves Julia from an uncomfortable banner.

Instead of investigating who ordered Katya Gandzyuk, the minister of internal affairs now personally gives the order to disperse demonstrators who are asking uncomfortable questions, ”the nationalist wrote on Facebook.

So, as we see, the clashes of radicals with the police immediately overgrown with political versions. Tymoshenko directly linked what is happening with the Security Service of Ukraine and Poroshenko (what the presence in this story of C14, as well as the fact that the Prosecutor General’s Office undertook to defend their defense) really indicates.

Karas himself voiced that the Interior Ministry is now engaged in the protection of Tymoshenko. What many are saying today - and what a number of indirect factors really indicate. Including - this story.

Avakov's reaction

The Minister, who threatened the radicals, reacted to what was happening.

The minister wrote a big post on Facebook, in which he made it clear that he would not tolerate any brilliant green, “bird cherry”, or weapons at rallies.

"Krivoy Rog - on the way to the rally, meetings of one of the candidates stopped a citizen with 10 (think!) Liters of green. Liters! In 4 cities, they brought a green paint from various activists in one day ... completely crazy?

I was called by one comrade - it says lawlessness, why do the police bring out candidate X. from the rally? They just stand and do not attack anyone yet ... Outraged. And the fact that in the pockets of the "just standing" handlers of one headquarters against another - Finn and brass knuckles with a firecracker, gas bird cherry and bottles of green paint - in the middle of a meeting of thousands of people - nothing? ", - Avakov complained.

He concluded that “this is not politics, and not an electoral company — this is bliss. So we will not get adequate power — we will receive bl th power, at a new turn of hatred, not capable of creation, but capable of hatred ".

Then the minister hinted that the radicals would continue to have problems with the police.

“Gather up, gentlemen candidates, agree on how to conduct fair competition and not lose the country, not to exchange all hatred and vile provocations. It’s so nice to honestly win the election,” he wrote.

The latter looks like a hint towards Bankova. After all, the main contender who can count on a dishonest win is the current president with not the highest rating, but with the largest administrative resource and control over the CEC.

Earlier, a similar post was written by the head of the National Police, Sergei Knyazev, who also noted the aggravation of the clashes. He recalled a recent attempt to attack Tymoshenko’s rally in Belaya Tserkov.

"Another election week. Another accusation of the police in lobbying the interests of certain political forces and, sadly, the next confrontation. Degree rises.

Thursday. The first blood in Zhytomyr. As always - the police. Passions rise.

Friday. Lviv, Bila Tserkva. The first detainees for committing a criminal offense.

Saturday. Kiev. We detain youth on the hem. We repeat: the radicalization of voters, supporters is not democratic principles.

Attempt to storm the police station - who needs it? Who is this picture for ?! We perceive lawyers, human rights activists, all civilized means of defense, but not such electoral methods. "

What does the skirmish Avakov and nationalists

The proximity of the C14 to the Ukrainian authorities is not news. The leadership of this organization itself was recognized in cooperation with the SBU. Which is controlled by President Petro Poroshenko.

C14 is known for numerous provocations, including pogroms, attacks on opposition journalists. But they got away with it (for more details on the activities of this ultra-right structure, you can read here).

Yevgeny Karas himself recently miraculously got into a prayer service in honor of Tomos - right in the VIP-zone, where he stood next to Prosecutor General Lutsenko - godfather Petro Poroshenko.

Therefore, the visit of the Karas wards to a rally to Tymoshenko is difficult to interpret in any other way than an attempt by the presidential forces to disrupt a competitor’s election campaign.

In this sense, the actions of the Interior Ministry acquire an interesting political color. In essence, the National Police is “packing up” the Bankova’s pocket nationalists - and, as it turns out, defending Yulia Tymoshenko. And not for the first time, if we consider the case in the White Church.

This gives extra food for thought about the role of Arsen Avakov in the election race. Who, both himself and the lips of his subordinates, said that attempts to disrupt the meetings would be stopped further.

To whom such a hint is addressed - in general, it is understandable. Only the authorities have a resource for disrupting major political meetings. Avakov is also a power - but he would hardly have threatened himself. All that remains is Poroshenko’s power wing, which controls a number of ultra-right organizations.

However, it is possible that what happened is just not a victory for the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but a provocation against him. After all, now the National Police is forced to make excuses for violence against nationalists. What can in theory unite against Avakov any part of the asset of ultra-right organizations.

In any case, the events of Saturday for the first time showed a tangible dividing line between the police and the radicals close to Bankova. And they revealed the first contours of the layout, on which side the police resource will play.

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