Ukraine is preparing to join the OECD

, 2019.02.15, 14:55

Ukraine will begin a dialogue with the OECD on preparing a roadmap for joining this organization.

Ukraine will begin work on joining the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), according to a government portal.

Ukraine will begin a dialogue with the OECD on the preparation of a roadmap for joining this organization, said Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Oleksandr Saenko, speaking at the presentation of the report “OECD assessment of the reform of state enterprises in the hydrocarbon sector of Ukraine” on February 14.

“Ukraine must become an OECD member. This is a difficult challenge for us, but it will push the development of an equal partnership with Ukraine for other OECD countries,” said Saenko, who is also deputy chairman of the coordination council for relations with the OECD.

Alexander Saenko said that the government is now considering the possibility of centralizing some of the functions of corporate governance and creating a professional body with the function of coordinating state-owned enterprises.

"We need to create a methodological center in the government that can help the specialized management bodies to correctly form tasks for the management and supervisory boards of enterprises, to help with the methodology for evaluating their work. Another important task of this body will be to develop effective communication between the management body and the supervisory board enterprises to achieve a balance between responsibility and authority, "the minister added.

In accordance with the best practices of OECD member countries and the guidelines of this organization on corporate governance at state-owned enterprises, such an institutionalization of the owner’s function will help promote the reform of state property management, increase government expertise, help identify and solve problems in a timely manner, and improve the quality of corporate governance services. state order, according to the Cabinet.

Reference. The OECD unites 35 most economically developed countries of the world in cooperation within the framework of specialized programs. Member countries produce two-thirds of the world's wealth and services.

The OECD in the special report “OECD Assessment of State-Owned Enterprises in the Hydrocarbon Sector Ukraine” noted progress in corporate governance reform in the state-owned enterprise sector in Ukraine and provided a number of recommendations to the state - as the owner and shareholder of companies and directly to one of the strategic state-owned enterprises Ukraine".

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