He would be response for autonomous Donbass. Why did they start a criminal case against Medvedchuk

, 2019.02.07, 15:19

A new criminal case can be used as a factor of additional pressure on the policy.

A criminal case was opened against one of the opposition leaders, Viktor Medvedchuk. According to the usual in recent years article - "state change". But at the same time he was charged with "encroachment on territorial integrity." That is separatism.

The criminal prosecution began after Medvedchuk proposed to allocate the Donbass to an autonomous region within Ukraine.

The very "seditious" idea was voiced at the forum of political forces, which has its own presidential candidate - Yuriy Boyko. This is about the Opposition Platform - For Life, in which Medvedchuk occupies one of the leading positions (the post of chairman of the political council).

Political subtext is intertwined with a clear conflict of interest. The production was opened by the Prosecutor General’s Office, which head is Yury Lutsenko recently announced support for the current president’s election.

Moreover, Lutsenko did not rule out suspicion against Medvedchuk in the near future, if the presence of a "sedition" in his words was confirmed by the examination.

Ex-President Viktor Yanukovych poured oil on the fire of the scandal, who said that, according to his information, an attempt on the life of Medvedchuk was being prepared.

Why and for what reason the case is being brought against one of the leaders of the Opposition Platform, and what this will lead to is what Strana understood.

What did Medvedchuk said about Donbass

At the congress "Opposition Platform For Life" on January 29, the head of the party’s political council told what he was going to do with the Donbas.

"We need to negotiate in the" quadrilateral "- Kiev, Donetsk, Lugansk and Moscow. Our peace plan involves the creation of the Donetsk autonomous region within Ukraine. We propose amendments to the Constitution, which will consolidate this status," said Medvedchuk.

He added that this does not contradict the Minsk agreements and the legislation of Ukraine.

"Poroshenko says that the key to the world is in the Kremlin. You know, he is right - this is true. But depending on him and others, who rush to power, we do not just know where this key is, and we know where the doors are, to which this key fits, "he said.

So, Medvedchuk, in short, proposed to amend the Constitution and introduce the autonomy of Donbass there.

By the way, the special status of individual regions of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions — with its fixation in the Constitution — is also recorded in the Minsk agreements. True, the word “autonomy” is not mentioned there, but it follows from the text of the agreements that these territories will have rights that the Autonomous Republic of Crimea did not have before the annexation.

In particular, local authorities will have the right to influence the appointments of prosecutors, judges, create detachments of the people's militia, determine the status of the Russian language, and conclude cooperation agreements with Russian regions.

That is, in fact, it is super-autonomy. Moreover, it is enshrined in Ukraine and at the legislative level - through the law adopted by the Council in the fall of 2014 on the features of local self-government in certain regions of Donbass. True, it never entered into force (this should happen only after the local elections), but its action was still twice extended by the parliament (and at the call of President Poroshenko) and it has not yet lost its force.

However, neither against Poroshenko, nor against the deputies who adopted him, nor against Oleksandr Turchynov, who put this law to the vote as a speaker in 2014, no one initiates criminal proceedings for separatism and treason.

Another question is that neither this law nor the Minsk agreements spell out exactly how the territories that will receive a special status will be managed? There is a gap here.

The idea of ​​autonomy provides the answer to this question. In this case, this plan solves another problem - the search for compromises. In the Russian Federation, two conditions for the peaceful reintegration of Donbass into Ukraine have long been exposed. In addition to securing a special status in the Constitution (read autonomy), it is also Kiev’s direct negotiations not only with Moscow, but also with Donetsk and Lugansk (that is, with the separatists).

But, again, these negotiations are provided for in the text of the Minsk agreements (signed, including on the initiative of President Poroshenko). Virtually every stage of the political part of the agreements, according to their text, must be coordinated with representatives of "individual regions".

Another thing is that the Ukrainian authorities, having signed agreements in Minsk, are not in a hurry to fulfill them, and Medvedchuk and the Opposition Platform declare that they intend to do so.

But it, obviously, does not pull on corpus delicti.

But the prosecutor's office considers otherwise.

The reaction of the authorities

The office of Yuriy Lutsenko has already opened criminal proceedings on possible treason and separatism of Medvedchuk. The case was initiated on the complaint of the people's deputy from the "Popular Front" Andrei Teteruk.

"Viktor Medvedchuk made a loud statement at the party congress on January 29, 2019 in Kiev, stating the need to create a so-called" autonomous region Donbass "with the formation of its own parliament and government, as well as to consolidate this status in the Constitution of Ukraine," wrote a press on Facebook Secretary General of the Prosecutor General Larisa Sargan.

The GPU said that the Constitution defines Ukraine as a unitary state. And appeals to an autonomous region can contribute to "subversive activities of the Russian Federation."

Prosecutors prlyli concluded that the actions of Medvedchuk are signs of crimes under Part 1 of Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine) and Part 1 of Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (high treason).

The investigation against Medvedchuk now take the SBU.

Medvedchuk reaction

The head of the political council of the Opposition Platform commented on the accusations against himself, repeating his theses.

“What I have said, I can repeat. In order for the world to be in the Donbas and the fighting ceased, it is necessary to propose solutions that form the basis of the Minsk agreements and which must be implemented by the Kiev authorities, who persistently, persistently and consistently do not. I have repeatedly stated that in order to solve this problem, we need to implement first of all the set of measures that can make a difference. Among these measures was the proposal to create an autonomous region Donbass ", - said Medvedchuk in the interval th NewsOne.

According to him, to implement this plan, Kiev must negotiate with Donetsk, Lugansk and Moscow.

"At the congress, I presented an idea that we tested in the negotiations - those who are in uncontrolled territories to offer autonomy status. That is, to create an autonomous region Donbass as part of Ukraine in accordance with the Constitution, with those changes to the Constitution that are proposed in the Minsk agreements and which we have developed, "he said.

He said that there are no signs of criminal violation here, since all these proposals are consistent with the Minsk agreements.

What does the case against Medvedchuk mean

There are several possible reasons for the pursuit of one of the Platform leaders.

First and foremost, the power in Ukraine torpedoes any attempts at discussion about the future structure of Donbass and its special status. Although he, as written above, is registered in the Minsk agreements.

As already mentioned "Strana", this position is the main brake on the peaceful reintegration of Donbass. Moscow is ready to give it a go-ahead, but only if the two conditions mentioned above are fulfilled - securing the special status of Donbass in the Constitution and direct negotiations between Kiev and Donetsk and Lugansk.

Instead of the execution of the Minsk agreements (or at least the willingness to discuss options for their execution), the Ukrainian authorities put in the "agents of the Kremlin" everyone who tries, even in theory, to outline the future of the region on the basis of the Minsk-2.

The goal of such a policy is to bring the compromise on the Donbas in general beyond any discussion. Which automatically means the continuation of war in the region.

However, this war apparently solves other tasks - it allows the authorities not to stand on ceremony in domestic politics, writing off all their failures to the “aggressor”.

Secondly, Poroshenko is solving a purely tactical task of "completing the brand."

Nationalists and candidates playing on the presidential field are constantly blaming him for cooperation with Medvedchuk. And the guarantor has repeatedly admitted that he authorized the godfather Vladimir Putin to engage in the exchange of prisoners.

However, even such cooperation gave reason to accuse Poroshenko almost in "collusion with Putin."

Therefore, a criminal case against Medvedchuk will be able to somewhat correct this "inconsistency" in the pre-election image of the president. And at the same time to show how he fights with "agents of the Kremlin".

Third, Bank is putting pressure on Medvedchuk, as the likely owner of the media resource.

The politician now, according to his opponents, controls NewsOne and 112 TV channels (he himself does not recognize this, but their official owner is Taras Kozak, who is close to the deputy Medvedchuk).

Not so long ago, Rada demanded the introduction of sanctions against NewsOne and 112 - and this decision is still under consideration by the National Security Council. Not to mention the groups of “pocket” nationalists who can start attacking the TV channels “from below”. A new criminal case can be used as a factor of additional pressure on the policy.

However, Medvedchuk himself in his recent statements was quite tough. In an interview with the Russian Channel One, Medvedchuk stated that, in his opinion, a criminal case was initiated against him on the instructions of the Washington Regional Committee (that is, the Americans). He also made it clear that the opposition may not recognize the results of the elections, if the power of them is to carry out large-scale fraud.

SOURCE: https://strana.ua/news/184820-viktor-medvedchuk-novosti-zachem-vlast-poshla-vojnoj-na-medvedchuka.html

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