Omelyan told how much the patching of Kyiv-Chop and Kiev-Odessa roads would cost

, 2019.02.07, 16:51

"Ukravtodor" this week will complete their surveys and immediately proceed to an emergency, and when weather conditions allow - and current repair.

The government has allocated an additional 550 million hryvnia for emergency repairs of Kyiv-Chop and Kiev-Odessa roads. This was announced by the Minister of Infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan.

“Yes, they were built and repaired for a long time, they are not included in the list of more than 7,000 km built by the governments of Yatsenyuk and Groysman, but this is one of the most important international routes of Ukraine and they should be in good condition.“ Ukravtodor ”will complete their surveys this week will immediately start an emergency, and when the weather conditions allow, and current repair, "Omelyan wrote on his Facebook page.

He clarified that at a government meeting, funding for the list of roads was approved or distributed at the expense of the Road Fund, "which this year amounts to 50.1 billion UAH."

Earlier, Omelyan said that "the overhaul and construction of roads was one of the main priorities of the government." At the same time, according to his data, the repair of one kilometer of roads costs from 10 to 20 million UAH.

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