In the EU, they are thinking of "driving out" Chinese Huawei from 5G communication projects

, 2019.02.01, 09:51

The European Union is currently studying proposals to actually prohibit using of the equipment of the Chinese company Huawei for connecting mobile networks to 5G communications.

This was reported to Reuters by four senior European officials.

It is noted that while excluding Huawei from the projects is only hypothetical, however, consideration of such a proposal in itself means changing the position of Brussels against the background of growing fears in the West regarding China’s activities.

According to four high-ranking EU officials, one of the options considered by the European Commission is to amend the Cybersecurity Act 2016, according to which critical infrastructure companies should take appropriate security measures.

Amendments to the definition of critical infrastructure, which also includes 5G, will prohibit European companies from using such equipment provided by any country or company suspected of using this equipment for espionage or sabotage, officials said.

The EU may also require or make other changes, such as the procurement rules.

Recall, the US Department of Justice filed charges of fraud to the Chief Financial Officer of the Chinese Huawei Technologies Wangzhou Man. In the US, Canada and the EU, Huawei is also suspected of cyber espionage.

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