Fire near the " Lesnaya" metro station: there is a threat of collapse (video)

, 2019.02.03, 15:56

At the site of the fire, individual foci are observed on an area of ​​about 2 thousand square meters. m

In Kiev, on the site of a fire in storage facilities near the Lesnaya metro station, there is a threat of a collapse of building structures.

This was reported on February 3 in the State Emergency Service.

According to the rescuers, on 7:30 at the site of the fire, there are individual foci on the area of ​​about 2 thousand square meters are observed. m.

On Sunday night, the fire was localized on an area of ​​about 10.5 thousand square meters. m.

For now there is no information about the victims and injured, the cause of the ignition is establishing.

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