The head of the Kherson Regional State Administration has applied for Gandzyuks father

, 2019.02.01, 09:41

Gordeyev called the statement of father Gandzyuk "the covert games of unclean politicians."

The head of the Kherson Regional State Administration Andrei Gordeev appealed to the GPU, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs "with a request to verify the facts set forth in the address of the father (Ekaterina Gandzyuk, - ed.)" And to identify people who are allegedly involved in the "shaping of a politicized" opinion of Viktor Gandzyuk that Gordeev allegedly collaborated with a suspect in the organization of the murder of his daughter. This is the press service of the RSA.

"If the statement of Viktor Gandziuk does not contain any truthful facts, I ask you to take measures within the limits of your competence to identify those involved in the" shaping of politicized "opinion of Viktor Mikhailovich Gandzyuk and its further dissemination ..." - said Gordeev.

He demands that these persons be held accountable for “forcing the father of Catherine to commit the act, for which article 384 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine provides for liability, that is, deliberately false testimony, combined with an accusation of a grave or especially grave crime ...”.

Gordeyev called the statement of his father Gandzyuk "covert games of politicians not clean to the hand."

Recall Viktor Gandzyuk at a meeting of the Temporary Investigation Commission stated that the organizer of the murder of Catherine allegedly collaborated with top officials of the region Vladislav Munger and Andrei Gordeev.

He also called on the central authorities to “get rid of any connections” with those who, in his opinion, are responsible for the crime.

Gordeyev said that Viktor Gandziuk "is used in political manipulations by villains who stand in the "shadow".

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