Ukraine will have two models of payment of subsidies - Reva

, 2019.01.25, 13:55

Non-cash and cash model payments of subsidies for housing and utility services can operate in parallel.

This was announced by the Minister of Social Policy Andrei Reva, the press service of the Ministry reports.

According to Reva, in January 2019 Ukraine began paying non-cash subsidies for those households to whom it was appointed at the beginning of the current year.

This system provides for the transfer of the amounts of subsidies to special accounts from which housing and communal services will be paid, and the further payment in cash of all the savings after the end of the heating season.

At the same time, in March payment of subsidies in the cash form is planned to those citizens who have been appointed the subsidy in October of last year. This option provides for the payment in cash of the entire amount of the assigned subsidy to people for the payment of housing and communal services by them, Reva said.

"At the end of the heating season, having conducted both options for the provision of subsidies, an audit of the effectiveness of both options will take place and the results will determine which will be abandoned. I predict that we will leave both options - non-cash and cash. Those people who received a cash subsidy , and will pay in good faith, will remain in cash, and those who have disrupted payment terms or have not paid, after paying the debt will be transferred to non-cash form of subsidies, "said Reva.

Recall that at the end of December 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a mechanism for providing housing subsidies to the population in cash.

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