Vinnitsa opened the best-selling plant in the country from its solar panels

, 2019.02.06, 17:18

With counted reserve and administrative future staff - close to 150 OSB.

Yesterday at the Vinnitsa the group of companies KNESS opened the largest plant in Ukraine for the production of solar panels Ukraine.

KNESS PV having borrowed 6600 m2 in the industrial zone Vinnitsi on the streets with the symbolic name Energetichna.

In the first work shift here, there will be 37 workers. Soon there will be 3 work shifts. With counted reserve and administrative future staff - close to 150 workers.

Almost completely automated line, judging by stickers on conveyor parts, - from the Chinese manufacturer Boostsolar. On it you can make different panels: frame and frameless "sandwiches" type glass-glass on 60 and 72 cells.

The plant was built since last February and invested about 5 million euros in it. Sergey Shakalov tells that since 2016, the KNESS Group has been looking for partners for the project. "Nobody. Nobody even wanted to think about it," says the general director.

Therefore, it was decided to go into this business with share capital. Also, one of the Ukrainian banks has helped a bit.

"We are paying off the payback of this plant for about 5-7 years, we understand that the Ukrainian market, like the world, is feverish, it is extremely volatile, so the business model is unsustainable," says KNESS CEO, general manager of business plans.

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