MAU has delayed more than 20 flights

, 2019.01.30, 21:02

Aviacompany MAU delayed flights for 1-2 hours of 22 cruise to the airport Borispil because of the conflict of the fuel-deliver company of the fuel of the State Fiscal Service.

It was reported in the press service of the company.

"In the official report of the fuel supplier, the reason for stopping refueling called its conflict with the SFS. It is connected with the mechanism of paying off bills when selling jet fuel, which was introduced by the new provisions of the Tax Code, which entered into force on January 1, 2019," UIA message.

In this regard, the airline provided the aviation fuel supplier with a letter of compensation for possible penalties by the SFS related to refueling, which was carried out on the evening of January 29.

The airline urged the government, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Finance to sort out the situation and take action.

The name of the supplier company in UIA is not disclosed.

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