Pipeline explosion in Mexico: death toll rises to 91

, 2019.01.22, 13:56

But the final number of victims is likely to exceed 100 people.

The death toll from an explosion in a pipeline in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo increased to 91, and another 52 injured remain in hospitals. This was announced by the governor of Hidalgo Omar Fayad, reports Reuters.

"It is confirmed that the death toll has risen to 91. But the final number of victims will probably exceed 100 people," said Fayad.

In Mexico, began an investigation regarding what caused the explosion of the pipeline, writes France.24 with reference to AFP. Prosecutor General Alejandro Hertz said that investigators are trying to determine who got on the pipeline: local residents or members of one of the criminal groups involved in fuel theft. "Possible negligence on the part of the authorities responsible for the gas pipeline is also a" fundamental issue "in the investigation, the prosecutor general said.

Recall that on Friday evening in Mexico there was an explosion on the pipeline next to the Tula sugar refinery. At first 20 victims were reported. According to the authorities, the attempt of one of the local residents to pump gasoline from a hole in the pipeline into their canister led to the catastrophe.

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