Sociologists have calculated the percentage of separatists in Transcarpathia

, 2019.01.25, 13:53

The overwhelming majority of Transcarpathian residents believe that the region should be part of a unitary Ukraine - with current or expanded powers.

This is evident from the results of the autumn-winter opinion poll conducted by the Democratic Initiatives Fund. Kucheriva and the firm Ukrainian Sociology Service with the support of the British Embassy in Ukraine.

64% of respondents Transcarpathians are not against living in Ukraine while maintaining the current status of the region, 17% for extending the powers of local authorities.

The existence of a region within the "federal country" in the status of an autonomous region is supported by only 3% of the polled local residents, and the fact that Transcarpathia left Ukraine is even less: 1%.

At the same time, the option “to leave Ukraine and join another country” was not supported by anybody.

According to sociologists, calls for local autonomy and federalization have not taken root in the region.

There is a clear preference among Transcarpathians for national identification (60% of respondents primarily call themselves Ukrainians), while every third person chooses local, regional or national identity (31%).

Transcarpathians, analysts say, have “rather ambiguous” views on Ukrainization in the region.

Only 20% believe that this will contribute to the unification of residents of different nationalities. According to 31%, this can lead to a sharp inter-ethnic conflict, and almost half of the respondents - 49% - have no definite opinion on this matter.

Transcarpathians generally do not see the threat in various national movements, sociologists wrote. 51% of respondents assess the current policy of Hungary in the region with friendly assistance to the Hungarian minority, and only 14% see this as preparation for annexing territories.

7% of Transcarpathians see a threat in the movement of Rusyns, but 21% of respondents believe that it is aimed "at protecting the identity of the Ruthenians" and does not pose a threat. The majority of respondents either do not know about this (33%), or have no definite opinion (38%).

Transcarpathians consider the activity of national-radicals to be a greater threat: 6% regard it as a serious threat, another 31% consider it as “determined”. The majority either do not see any threat (31%), or have no definite opinion (32%).

The vast majority of respondents (82%) want to see Ukraine in the EU. Movement in the Customs Union is supported by only 0.4%. Less than 4% of respondents want Ukraine not to go anywhere.

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