Тhe dam burst іn Brazil: 9 dead, 300 missing

, 2019.01.26, 12:11

At an iron ore mine in southeastern Brazil, the dam of a mineral waste reservoir burst.

It is known about at least nine dead, about 300 people are missing, reports BBC Ukraine.

According to the governor of Minas Zheiras Romeu Zema, there are few chances to find survivors.

"There is little chance: probably everything we find is bodies," he says.

As a result of the breakthrough of the dam, which contained waste from the extraction of iron ore, a stream of mud plunged into several farm settlements.

Residents of nearby areas began to evacuate using helicopters. The number of evacuees, the authorities have not yet reported.

A representative of the company Vale, which owns the mine, said that the commune Vila Fortek, near the town of Brumandinho, flooded with waste.

"The videos from helicopters that are shown on Brazilian TV channels show how the mud flow washes away everything in its path," the newspaper notes.

The mayor of Brumandygno Avimar de Melo, in a conversation with journalists, said that, according to his data, at least 50 people died, but did not rule out that there could be more victims.

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